domenica 6 marzo 2016

Back To Sleep

Hair : Exxess - Chocolat

Dress : Supernatural - Brandi ( Photo : Pink ) 

Shoes : Vertice - Chained Ankle Heels w/HuD
BackGround : Chris Brown - Back To Sleep

[. . .] I know it's late, I know it's late
And, baby, I can't focus, focus
I just flew in town today
I'm hoping that you notice. Did you notice?
I just posted my landing, oh
Wondering if the same old understanding stands

I know you got work pretty early, I'll be around 'bout 3:30
Usually you done by one, so, baby, when I wake you up

Just let me ride, fuck you back to sleep, girl
Don't say a word, no (no), don't you talk
Just hold on tight to me, girl
Fuck you back to sleep, girl, rock you back
[. . .]