lunedì 25 gennaio 2016

But i can tell you how

Hair :eXxEsS - " BonBon " NEW

Outfit : Envious - " Blackstar " NEW 

Choker : *katat0nik* - Bow Choker ( Strawberry )

Outfit inc. : Bracelet , Bracelet Watch, Garter Lollipop, Hells , 
Lollipop left hand , Horns, Skirt and Top 

[...]I can’t answer why (I’m not a gangstar)
But I can tell you how (I’m not a flam star)
We were born upside-down (I’m a star’s star)
Born the wrong way ‘round (I’m not a white star)
(I’m a blackstar, I’m not a gangstar
I’m a blackstar, I’m a blackstar
I’m not a pornstar, I’m not a wandering star
I’m a blackstar, I’m a blackstar)

BackGroundDavid Bowie - Blackstar